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Luton Airport Guide

Luton Airport Guide

luton airport plane spotting

At the moment there are limited official facilities for plane spotters at Luton Airport, plus there isn't any cheap parking on or near the airport for spotters, which can make this airport an expensive hobby.

There are a number of 'unofficial' spots from which to see aircraft but, for the best spot, you need to leave the car in one of the airport car parks (which can be expensive) - or travel to the airport by public transport.

The top 3 spots are:

1. In the terminal

What you can see: For views of the taxiway to the main apron from the bridge and the runway from the closed spectators building (which is good, but through a mesh fence and south facing).

How to get there: Park in the short term airport car park (£2.10 an hour) or arrive on public transport.

2. At the emergency exit gate by the runway

What you can see: This is by the main runway, so you can watch arrivals and departures.

How to get there: leave the airport and head towards the M1. At the third roundabout after the tunnel under the taxiway, turn right, then right again towards Wheathamstead. Follow that road for between 1 and 2 miles, taking the second left at a cross-roads. Go under the railway and climb the hill. At the first junction turn left, then immediately bear right. At the next junction, turn left (there are houses to your right). This road leads to the runway. There is parking nearby, but you will need to keep the emergency exit gate clear.

3. Runway 26 Threshold

What you can see: similar to '2' above, when this runway 26 is in use.

How to get there: From the emergency exit gate by the runway (2 above), turn left by the houses, then first left. The road passes 50m from the end of runway 26. Aircraft are close so you can get some great shots, but there is little parking.

Other places recommended, but less accessable include:

a) Around the side of the Lynton Hanger - where there is limited cars parking, but you look through a fence
b) On the bank by the old spectators car park
c) In front of the old terminal, but its a long way from the action
d) From the side of the new terminal, by the passenger set down point, it is possible to see planes on the new east apron.


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